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Delivering The New News

Exclusive visual content is a key ingredient for publishers wanting to engage with growing audiences. And at Barcroft we provide our clients with amazing content 24/7/365. But unlike other wire agency services, Barcroft Wire was conceived for the new generation of consumers - those who spend most of their time on their smart phone.

We know they love inspiring stories that are told through a combination of photos, video and words. So we deliver powerful, original content around the clock that is optimised to create debate, encourage sharing and trigger emotional responses for publishers.

Our clients include major news brands like The Sun, The New York Post, MailOnline, The Guardian and many other key publishers. They know that Barcroft videos, photos and stories drive audience engagement and offer a premium production level at a digital price point.

How Our Stories Are Used


We know the type of stories that people love. We know what moves our audiences around the world, and we understand what makes them share our content. This means that our content is often amongst the most viewed and shared on the world’s premier news and entertainment sites.

If you want Barcroft content on your site, get in touch and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Who We Work With